Vintage Labour-Saving Hints and Ideas for the Home
Vintage Labour-Saving Hints and Ideas for the Home

Vintage Labour-Saving Hints and Ideas for the Home

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This delightful book was originally published in 1924 - combining more than 1,300 hints and ideas that were selected from over 30,000 entries that were submitted to a competition run in the early 1920s. Today the information can be regarded as informative, amusing and even just plain useful.

Do you know how to salvage burnt cakes, clean stained paintwork or sweeten a smoky atmosphere?
Well look no further than this fascinating book originally printed in 1924 . . . full of very useful advice.
- Ideal Home

This is a great gift for a housewarming or for someone who has everything (almost)!

Now, we don't recommend any of these solutions ourselves, but some just might be worth trying:

  • After Peeling Onions. - A little mustard well rubbed into the hands will remove the odour.

  • Rusty Pen Nibs. - If pens are stuck into a potato when not in use, the nibs will not rust and the pens will always be in good condition.

  • Sewing Machine Hint. - When about to machine muslin or lace, tack a piece of tissue paper over it and then machine. The paper is easily torn away, and the machine needle will not catch in the muslin or lace.

This great little hardcover book measures 7-1/2 by 5-1/16 inches and boasts 258 pages.

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