Vintage Shiny Silver Mercury Glass Bead
Vintage Shiny Silver Mercury Glass Bead

Vintage Shiny Silver Mercury Glass Bead

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These gorgeous old mercury glass beads were made of blown glass and then coated with a liquid mirrored silver solution. The liquid mirroring solution originally contained mercury: hence the name. These are original beads from the early 20th century and you'll see some silver peeling on the edges of some of them.

These were originally made for holiday ornaments. So these are right on target for those of you who make your own vintage style ornaments or if you are looking to repair some older ones. These are also just lovely sprinkled under your tree in the putz area as an accent as their mirrored effect is stunning.

Each bead is 5mm (about 1/4 inch) and is made of glass, so it is quite delicate and we will package them so that they should not break. For this reason, we do not recommend them for bracelets or necklaces. They might be usable for earrings if you dare, but please advise the wearer of their delicate nature.

We are showing you many beads so that you might see what they look like when strung together and as separated. These are vintage, so please use with care.

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