Your Future Husband Postcard
Your Future Husband Postcard

Your Future Husband Postcard

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In the style of Arcade Cards of old, this great postcard makes a wonderful prediction. Arcade Cards like these were all the rage in the early to mid-20th century - everyone would just love a glimpse of the future. The comments are always double-entendres, hinting at your love life. So, wives-to-be, here is YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND and your future children:

YOUR FUTURE HUSBAND will be an aviator, a high flier and a champion parachute jumper. No use taking your roller skates or mad money when you go joy-riding with him because you can't get out and walk. If he should go into a "tail spin" you can pull a "side slip." You should wear a parachute because he will keep you up in the clouds most of the time, but you will be happy with your two eaglets.

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