Vintage Sweet Baby Set Scraps Kit
Complete Girl & Boy Kit

Vintage Sweet Baby Set Scraps Kit

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* Made in Germany
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So hard to find! Just look at this happy little girl and her not-so-happy brother. And, there is a pair of shoes (with ankles) for each little one.

Add a crepe paper or spun glass skirt and you'll have a great little tag for a baby gift - or even a special holiday ornament.

The die-cuts are highly embossed and shiny and still the pastels are true to color, not faded. The back of the set shows the aging of the paper - adding to the vintage nature of the scraps.

This cool set from L&B* in Germany is vintage and from around the 1920s or 1930s - maybe even earlier.

* Littauer & Boysen

Approximate Measurements
  • Baby Height: 2-1/2 inches
  • Baby Width: 1-7/8 inch
  • Shoe Height: 1-1/8 inch
  • Shoe Width: 1/4 inch

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