10 SMALL Shrine Capsules
10 SMALL Shrine Capsules

10 SMALL Shrine Capsules

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We just love capsules like these. So long ago, my Mom put tiny numbers inside individual capsules for a raffle. So, that's what comes to mind immediately when I see these! But, we're sure you'll find so many other uses for them, too.

Each capsule is just about 1 inch long when closed and about 3/8 inch wide. Slide the two ends apart to open them. Add a bit of sand or dirt inside from a special trip. Or, a tiny note filled with your wishes. These are great for memory boxes, special packages and more

The cap is easily replaced by sliding it back on. you might use a dab of glue to keep it shut. They will not fall apart easily, but the glue might keep the treasures inside a bit safer. What fun to add to a special package for a distant friend or loved one to treasure.

These are perfect for altered books, nichos and niches, too.

DO NOT use these for consumption!

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