6 French Crown Dresdens
6 French Crown Dresdens

6 French Crown Dresdens

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These are highly embossed miniature golden Dresden crowns just waiting for you to trim them - to use in your holiday crafts and other artwork. Won't they be just perfect for an Alice in Wonderland themed project?

Long used for embellishing ornaments paper scraps and decoupage projects, these wonderful motifs are even more special because they are available in Black Matte as well as Shiny Gold. The black crowns are lighter weight and not quite as stiff as the golden crowns. But, both are wonderfully trimmed (you do the final trimming) and both are highly embossed. Although shiny golden Dresdens are the most traditional, there were, indeed, many colors made from their origins through today.

Add a crown to a photo of your own little prince or princess. Or, add it to a wedding memory page - especially perfect for Orthodox weddings. These are also appropriate additions for saints and angels, and, of course for the Queen and King of Hearts!

The embossing on these reliefs is superb. You may have to push some of the internal pieces through. It is fairly easy with a straight pin or other tiny poking tool.

These are new but are made in the same fashion as they have been for many, many decades! Each crown measures 1-1/2 inch wide by 1-3/8 inch from the base of the crown to the top of the cross.

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