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Brilliantly Colored Sweet Kissing (Glykopfilousa) Pendant

Brilliantly Colored Sweet Kissing (Glykopfilousa) Pendant

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Long represented together are Mary, the Blessed Mother of Jesus, and Jesus himself as a baby. This stunning version is based on a traditional Greek icon thought to be of the 15th century. There have been many other representations of the original icon, including this one, but the image of Mother and Child remain the same.

This is not a happy Jesus and Mary, but rather represents the sadness that is to come in the Child's life and, it is almost as though his Mother knows what is to be. The Christ Child looks to his Mother for comfort. This is evident in the manner in which the Child's entire body is facing Mary, not just the head. She, in return, caresses her Son, protecting him from his future.

This lovely pendant is made of bright silver metal and a stunningly colored resin image. The entire piece measures 1-3/4 inch high (including the bail) by 1-3/16 inch wide. The bail is large enough to accommodate a leather or ribbon as well as a chain.

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