Elegant Feline in Kimono Cat Bead
Elegant Feline in Kimono Cat Bead

Elegant Feline in Kimono Cat Bead

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She is elegant and demur, holding the skirt of her kimono in her paw, her taiko-musubi tied in the back.

You'll not believe the detail in this hand-carved ojime bead, made as new, but the image of an antique. Even her back paws are delicately visible in the front of her kimono and on the bottom of the bead.

The bead measures about 1-1/2 inch high by 3/4 inch wide with her outstretched paw. The 1mm hole runs from head to foot (top to bottom). The stringing hole appears to be between 1mm & 2mm, however, when placing your silk, cord or thread, you'll find that it may travel at an angle through the bead.

As a bead, she will appear as though she is standing.

Not all of the beads are free standing if set on their feet (not used as a bead), but with a little finesse, you may be able to set her into a standing position for a shrine or miniature display.

Ojime are the sliding bead on the cord of the inro box.

Hand carved of boxwood by contemporary Chinese master-carvers, it may take up to 4 hours to make just 1 bead! Can you imagine!?

Because these are hand carved and signed by the artisan on the back, please expect the slight differences you find in any artisan's work. This makes each piece more yours.

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