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Hand Carved Ojime Shoes - Set of 2 Beads or Charms

Hand Carved Ojime Shoes - Set of 2 Beads or Charms

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These exquisite hand carved shoe ojime beads are connected by a natural cord as a set of two.

They are wonderful to display as they come. But there are just so many possibilities. But, of course, they're not for wearing. Consider them as doll shoes, earrings, pendants and more.

Ojime are the sliding bead on the cord of an inro box that were worn on the Obi (sash) of a Japanese kimono. Antique ojime were made from many materials including ivory and silver. 

Our ojime shoe beads have been carved from boxwood by master carvers. The fine, intricate detail on each shoe, inspired by the beads of antiquity, brings each bead to life.

Each shoe (singular) measures 1-3/16 inch by 11/16 inch by 1/2 inch. The two shoe beads are attached by a cord, tied by the artisan who created them. Because these are hand carved, please allow for the serendipity of uniqueness.

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