Large Crown of Thorns Pendant
Large Crown of Thorns Pendant

Large Crown of Thorns Pendant

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Long a symbol of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is a Crown of Thorns wrapping a flaming heart. Familiar to Christians, and especially Catholics, it is a symbol of Christ suffering for our salvation.

Because of the mystic nature of the Sacred Heart of Thorns, it has also attracted many tattoo artists and goth aficionados find this a favorite theme.

Whatever your belief or interpretation of this symbol, you will find this a stunning piece to wear. Because of its weight, you'll find that it is a perfect centerpiece for a necklace of any sort.

It is made of genuine high quality lead-free pewter, accented with ancient style oxidation. The pendant measures 2-1/2 inches long by 2 inches wide. A matching jump ring has been added for your convenience.

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