Mini Dogs and Cats Reproduction Chromolithograph Scraps
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Mini Dogs and Cats Reproduction Chromolithograph Scraps

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* Made in Germany
For some reason the creator of this sheet chose to put the dogs above the cats. But we all know that the cats rightfully belong above the dogs.

This sheet of tiny dog and cat images is sure to bring a smile to anyone. Whether your breed is among them or not, how could you not want to bring them into your home, feed them, and care for them. 

Each tiny image measures a little less than 1/2 inch high by 1/2 inch high; though each image (especially in the dogs) varies slightly.

There are 122 dog and 122 cat images on this sheet of which there are 7 different images of each animal. This means that there are 17 or 18 of each individual image on this sheet. 

The images have some embossing to help highlight the beauty of each animal. They are also finely cut so that there will not be need for much trimming when using these images in your art pieces.

Among the dogs, there appears to be images of a Chihuahua, 2 different Spaniels, a Hound Dog, a Pug, a Pointer and a Shepherd. What do you see? Are we correct? Are we wrong? Let us know here.

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