Red Chinese Knot Tassel (Eternal Knot)
Red Chinese Knot Tassel (Eternal Knot)

Red Chinese Knot Tassel (Eternal Knot)

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* Made in China
If you've ever tried to tie a decorative Chinese Happiness  knot, then you'll surely be happy to know that you can buy one already tied of silken red cord. The auspicious character of red color of tradition is evident in such a small and simple knot.

With a loop at the top and two strands below, this knot will make a striking addition to any Asian project you might consider. These were hand made by traditional artisans - very quickly in deliberate moves.

Measuring about 5 inches long from the loop to the ends, the knot in the middle is about 1-3/8 inch from side to side and 1 inch high.

Or, add one to a key chain and you'll (almost) never misplace your keys!

Please allow for slight variation as found in any hand made item.

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