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Vintage Gnomes on the Go Chromolithograph Embossed Die-Cut Scrap Reliefs

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* Made in Germany

These fantastic scraps are vintage - over 50 years old! They were created by a company named EAS - E. A. Schwerdtfeger, Berlin. They produced scrap pictures like these from 1880 to 1980. These scrap picture sheets are new old stock - usually to save. But, we like to use them for creating vintage-style ornaments and décor - with vintage parts. These are in great condition, but they are old and they are paper, so please be careful.

These images are being reproduced today, but this is a vintage sheet. The little gnomes are busy visiting fairy friends, talking with birds, telling stories, fishing and more.

The scrap relief sheet is approximately 9 inches by 7 inches, ready for you to clip and use in your artwork. And each sheet is lightly embossed to accent the  images.

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