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March 23, 2020

Vintage Sick Little Girl Cabochon Pin - Great for Altering - New Old Stock

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* Made in Hong Kong
* Vintage Item, Limited Availability
We were lucky to find a lot of these cabochon pins as new old stock - never used - in a Brooklyn, New York warehouse. They are cleverly made and most are in fine shape. There is some wear from handling on some of the cabochons. It appears that the cabs are made of metal and that the image has been transferred onto the cabochon either by printing or some other method.

Each of the pins are the same. A poor little sick girl on a pink background. If you care to do so, you might re-work these into assemblage pieces by removing the cabochon and applying a new image, or, indeed by replacing it with something else.

Please be careful if you choose to remove the cabochon - especially if you are bending the prongs. These were made by a novelty company - not a jewelry company - so please be careful when working with them.

Each measures 1-3/4 inch high by 1-1/4 inch wide has a self-pin on back that has been attached mechanically rather than by adhesive. So, for novelties, these are well made.

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