Wizard of Oz Charm Set
Wizard of Oz Charm Set

Wizard of Oz Charm Set

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You might think that you would have to go somewhere over a rainbow to find a charm set like this but lucky for you we went for you.

This darling set of charms comes with:
  • A silvery round charm featuring the iconic line, "there's no place like home"
  • A silvery magic wand charm
  • A silvery high heel shoe
  • A ruby red drop charm
Wouldn't this also make the sweetest key chain? Especially if you have your house key attached to it.

The round charm measures about 13/16 inch in diameter, the magic wand is slightly over 1 inch long, the shoe measures 3/4 inch long and the drop charm is 3/8 inch.
We do not know whether or not it is waterproof, so we would advise against wearing this into the shower or a pool as the printing on the round charm may disappear.

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